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Season Postponed

Hello EBLO Coaches, Team Contacts and Affiliate Reps,

By now, you all should have received the update from Baseball Ontario regarding the suspension of in-person baseball activities up to an including May 31, 2020 (

The EBLO is committed to having a season for 2020.  However, what that looks like is unclear, given this is a fluid situation.  If and when we get to a point where our governing bodies indicate it is safe to resume normal activities, at that time we'd prepare a draft schedule.  There are too many unknown variables at this time to attempt to draft multiple contingency plans.  It's best to wait until we have a clear picture in front of us before we move ahead.

I've had a number of teams reaching out concerned about compliance with  EBLO benchmarks during this COVID-19 environment.  Please rest assured, all EBLO benchmarks that are impacted by the restrictions in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, will have no effect on your standing in the EBLO for the 2020 season.  Example, due to government enforced travel restrictions, the likelihood of US travel is very low.  Therefore, if we do get back on the field for 2020, not being able to travel to the US to play in a showcase tournament, will not impact your standing with the EBLO.  Health and safety are our primary objectives.

Trusting you and your families are coping as best you can during these difficult times.

Yours in baseball,

Frank Fascia


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