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Athlete Foundry Partnership

As we are constantly looking for innovative tools & forward-thinking strategies to bring to the EBLO, which will give our student athletes every possible advantage to succeed.

It is with great fortune when we discovered a first-of-its-kind online “all year around” (not just “in-season”) platform for middle & high school student athletes and their parents, that is like no other ---- a platform built by Athlete Foundry. 

Athlete Foundry is an educational technology company that has built a powerful online student athlete platform to help 6th through 12th grade student athletes increase their odds to become a collegiate athlete, increase their college financial assistance potential, and help prepare for life after sports. This is a holistic on & off the field approach that gives you full command of your student athlete journey. 

While there may be a few areas (such as academics) that currently do not accommodate our Canadian educational system, over 80% of the platform’s power is independent of country --- it helps each student athlete build a better version of themselves. 

After comprehensive research & evaluation, we have decided to team up with Athlete Foundry to provide its online platform to every single EBLO student athlete. This is a unique offer only for EBLO student athletes. 

Please contact your head coach as the details for this partnership have been sent via email.

Visit to learn more.

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