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2020 Oklahoma Sunbelt Classic Tryouts

The Oklahoma Sunbelt Classic originated in 1977 as an all star series between the states of Oklahoma and California. The first series was played in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the series alternated between the two states for the first ten years. The founders, Coach John Schwartz and Coach Gordon Morgan of Oklahoma had dreams of the series eventually becoming a national showcase for high school baseball players.

In 1988 Florida joined the series and it became known as the Sunbelt Classic. In 1990 the states of Georgia, Ohio, and Maryland joined the series. Coach Marc Picard of Windsor, On has organized and coached an Ontario team representing Canada at the Sunbelt Classic since 1997.

The natural evolution of the series led to it being divided by age group (Sophomore-Grade 10, Junior-Grade 11 and Senior-Grade 12), which play during different times of the late Spring/Early Summer. The jewel of the series is the Junior (Grade 11) tournament, which now features all state teams from Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma(2 teams), Tennessee and Texas as well as a team from Ontario (representing Canada). Since its inception over 200 players who have participated in this event have gone on to play in the MLB.

Here’s a small sample: Kevin Bass (Astros), Buddy Biancalana (Astros/Royals), Byron Buxton (Minnesota Twins), Al Davis (Mariners), Eric Plunk (A's), Randy Johnson (Mariners/Astros), Mike Moore (A's), Phil Stephenson (Cubs), Mickey Tettleton (A's/Orioles), John Russell (Phillies), Johnny Damon (Royals). Shane Monahan (Mariners), J.D. Drew (Cardinals), Tim Drew (Indians), Jeff Francoeur(Atlanta among others), Brian McCann (Astros, Yankees, Braves), Buster Posey (Giants), Sonny Gray (A’s/Yankees), John Axford (Brewers/A’s/Jays) and John Rocker (Braves).

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