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Elite Baseball All Star Game

Elite Baseabll League of Ontario has announced the 2018 All Star Game

15/16U All-Star Game August 8th @ Kinsmen Stadium, Oshawa @ 8pm

*Game postponed due to rain*

17/18U All-Star Game August 9th @ Kinsmen Stadium, Oshawa @ 8pm

The 2018 EBLO All-Star game focuses on representation of all teams, plus additional players from higher placed teams. Coaches are from the top teams in each division. There will be pregame batting practice, game program, social media exposure, announcer, music, an all-star keepsake t-shirt and OTHER ALL-STAR SURPRISES!!

Game length will be 9 innings. Each team will consist of 16 position players, 9 pitchers.

All-Star Game Event schedule 6:00pm warmup time 6:30pm East pre-game BP 7:05pm West pre-game BP 7:40pm East in & out 7:50pm West in & out 8:00pm Game time

Ken Babcock

Host Organizer, 2018 EBLO All-Star Games.

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