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Elite Baseball League of Ontario 2018 BENCHMARKS

1. FOCUS ON PROGRAMS – To join, and continue, teams at youngest divisions plus successive division teams, i.e. for 18U team, need 15U and 16U. ​ 1.1 For greater clarity, all teams currently in Elite Division of Baseball Ontario continue to be grand-fathered in the league, until their existing players graduate from 18U. as long as they don’t stop being an active. ​ 1.2 Any new teams or programs coming into the league as of 2018 will have to be a 15U team. ​

1.3 In order for the 15U team to play as a 16U team in 2019, the same organization/program will have to field a 15U team as well for the 2019 season. ​ 1.4 For 2020, the same organization/program is expected to have a 17/18U, 16U and 15U team in the league. ​ ​ 2. 15U DIVISION MAY INCLUDE TEAMS THAT ARE 14U ​ 2.1 15U DIVISION CONTINUES TO SPLIT BY GEOGRAPHY ​ ​ 3. 2017 FALL BALL MANDATORY FOR 2018 TEAMS/PROGRAMS STARTING SEPTEMBER ​ 3.1 EBLO anticipates supporting 2 late September tournaments. ​ 3.2 Teams are expected to schedule 4-8 additional exhibition games. ​ ​ 4. ELITE DIVISION SHOWCASE TOURNAMENT IN MAY IS A MANDATORY ATTENDENCE REQUIREMENT

5. ELITE TEAMS MUST PLAY MINIMUM 2 OTHER SHOWCASE TOURNAMENTS ​ 5.1 Going forward the league will post US tournament options ​ 5.2 Steering committee to provide a sample of Showcases for indication of competition quality, scouting and exposure opportunities ​ ​ 6. ELITE PROGRAMS MUST OFFER A SPRING TRAINING FLORIDA OPPORTUNITY ​ 6.1 This could be through partnership with other programs to ensure a genuine opportunity for Florida training is available. ​ 6.2 Send email to other programs letting them know who is going to Florida ​ 7. 18U PREMIER DIVISION MADE UP OF TOP 4 16U FROM 2017 PLUS TOP 6, 17U FROM 2017 based on Elite Scheduled game results ​ 7.1 There will be some discretion in determining final decisions based on unforeseen variables (i.e. what if a strong 2017 team loses half of its team the following year. ​ 7.2 We will look to have a “pennant” flag as a prize for the winner of divisions ​ 8. 18U ELITE DIVISION MADE UP OF BALANCE OF 17U & 18U TEAMS 9. COMPLIANCE

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