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Elite Baseball League of Ontario 2018 BENCHMARKS

1. FOCUS ON PROGRAMS – To join, and continue, teams at youngest divisions plus successive division teams, i.e. for 18U team, need 15U and 16U. 1.1 For greater clarity, all teams currently in Elite Division of Baseball Ontario continue to be grand-fathered in the league, until their existing players graduate from 18U. as long as they don’t stop being an active. 1.2 Any new teams or programs coming into the league as of 2018 will have to be a 15U team.

1.3 In order for the 15U team to play as a 16U team in 2019, the same organization/program will have to field a 15U team as well for the 2019 season. 1.4 For 2020, the same organization/program is expected to have a 17/18U, 16U and 15U team in the league. 2. 15U DIVISION MAY INCLUDE TEAMS THAT ARE 14U 2.1 15U DIVISION CONTINUES TO SPLIT BY GEOGRAPHY 3. 2017 FALL BALL MANDATORY FOR 2018 TEAMS/PROGRAMS STARTING SEPTEMBER 3.1 EBLO anticipates supporting 2 late September tournaments. 3.2 Teams are expected to schedule 4-8 additional exhibition games. 4. ELITE DIVISION SHOWCASE TOURNAMENT IN MAY IS A MANDATORY ATTENDENCE REQUIREMENT

5. ELITE TEAMS MUST PLAY MINIMUM 2 OTHER SHOWCASE TOURNAMENTS 5.1 Going forward the league will post US tournament options 5.2 Steering committee to provide a sample of Showcases for indication of competition quality, scouting and exposure opportunities 6. ELITE PROGRAMS MUST OFFER A SPRING TRAINING FLORIDA OPPORTUNITY 6.1 This could be through partnership with other programs to ensure a genuine opportunity for Florida training is available. 6.2 Send email to other programs letting them know who is going to Florida 7. 18U PREMIER DIVISION MADE UP OF TOP 4 16U FROM 2017 PLUS TOP 6, 17U FROM 2017 based on Elite Scheduled game results 7.1 There will be some discretion in determining final decisions based on unforeseen variables (i.e. what if a strong 2017 team loses half of its team the following year. 7.2 We will look to have a “pennant” flag as a prize for the winner of divisions 8. 18U ELITE DIVISION MADE UP OF BALANCE OF 17U & 18U TEAMS 9. COMPLIANCE

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