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2017 Rules

Schedule A – 2017 Rule Modifications

*The league will play using Baseball Ontario rules except for the following modifications*

1. League playing rules are only for league play.

2. All 15U games are 7 innings in length, but local curfews are in affect.

3. 16U-18U games are 9 innings in length, but local curfews are in affect.

4. Two out running for the catcher or pitcher is allowed and optional…runner must be a sub and where no sub exists (i.e. all players in hitting line-up), then last out is courtesy runner.

5. for greater clarity, if a team has 14 players present and 10 players are in the hitting line-up, then the 4 players on the bench are eligible to be a courtesy runner.

6. If all 4 bench players enter the game, then the new 4 bench players (i.e. the players removed from the game) become eligible to be a courtesy runner.

7. Mercy rule in effect, but teams can choose to play on for development purposes (mercy score is reported to league)

-Note: Baseball Ontario’s mercy rule has changed to 18 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings and 10 runs after 5 innings.

8. Teams can hit as many batters as they wish, but need to maintain that number throughout the game…they are treated as EP’s and can be subbed in defensively freely.

9. Pitcher/dh rule in effect for 16U-18U, in which a player can be both the pitcher and a dh in the same game if reported on the line-up card as such…this allows the player to be removed from the game as a dh, but continue to pitch and vice versa.

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